The spirit of man was diverted from his evolutionary curve by the astral forces of the earth. Linked to the memory of humanity, he was so saturated for millennia that he gradually lost the faculty of knowing by communicating mentally with his double. The lower plane of modern man is supersaturated with information of all kinds that does not come from his personal consciousness but from a collective consciousness totally under the control of the forces of death. This situation has become very dangerous for humanity because it will become the slave of this energy and will not be able, during the next period, to take the necessary decisions to prevent the destruction of some of its components. 


The mind of the unconscious man is losing its light, an essential support for the natural evolution of his society. The coming decades will testify to a great aberration of consciousness, and the peoples of the earth will be affected from east to west, from north to south. The mind is a creative energy participating in another dimension of man; it can not be delayed indefinitely in its evolution, because the cosmic forces return to the earth and the latter must be ready to receive them, to recognize them and to work with them. The greatest problem of humanity will be perceived in its stultifying materialism, which will serve as a screen for the manifestation of so great anti-human forces that the governments themselves will be powerless against them, because they will not operate according to the recognized principles of confrontation.


The new man already appears on earth, and his consciousness is evolving more or less rapidly, according to the beings marked by this new consciousness of life. The spirit of the new man will burst the old man's old spirit, for the new energy of the higher consciousness will not want to bear any memory of the involutionary past. Starting from this radical decrease of the old memory, the new spirit of the race will be fixed in the conscience to give birth to an initiated population, which will be able to protect itself from the future events that the humanity will have to suffer so that a new era born on the globe.


As long as man's mind was a prisoner of the memory of humanity, it was impossible for him to recognize the dimensions of his consciousness and to come to an understanding of his close connection with the double. This will transform man and give him access to planetary security, at the cosmic events that will hit the earth at the end of the cycle.

The end of modern civilization will bring what man has always feared. But at the same time, this end of the cycle will be, for a number, the beginning of a new era much awaited. The evolution of human consciousness will liberate the spirit of the new man, and it is from this force in him that he will benefit when the forces of death fall on earth.

Death must traverse the consciousness of man, for he is bound to it through the subjective memory of his self, and this channel will serve as a link between destruction and the necessity of his principle. The involutionary man has been so long a slave to his mind that the totality of the memories of the end of the cycle will be used against him, so that the seal of death and his power on earth, transported under the auspices of civilization, is broken. modern. Human civilization in its involutionary and material mode was so important to man that his mind became a prisoner.


This involutionary condition will destroy the columns of the modern temple. The mind is not a force that can be endlessly held captive; the time is approaching when it will manifest itself, and it is at this moment of human history that the chains of death will tighten against the body of humanity.

In the past, the high forces of the astral, which man calls spiritual forces, have served to give him, under a multitude of forms and principles, a framework to contain his bestiality. The time is coming when even these forces will have been exhausted, because the occult powers of the captive mind, those lower forces of the astral or death, will take precedence over human morality because of the imperfection of knowledge and creative impotence of the political will of nations. Today, as yesterday, the political power of nations is in proportion to the impotence of man; in the near future, the power of man will be the measure of the creative power of nations. But this day will come only when the new man becomes aware of his light, and of those great forces whose reign will spread over the whole earth in the course of evolution.


To understand man well, one must understand the mind and its laws. As long as the involutionary man was subject to the laws of death, the mind was powerless to penetrate his mind to open its psychological and psychological limits, and the involutionary man had to live according to his total dependence on evolution. of the society. This condition of life will change when the double and the man himself are reunited in a field of force whose nature will be apparent only to the latter. This fusion with a new energy will allow the spirit of man to free himself from the chains of death, and man will no longer live according to the dictates of his collective memory and the conditions of the present planetary life. As long as the spirit remained without communication with the mortal, it was impossible for him to descend on the material plane, for the latter is under the control of the forces of the astral. The man was prevented from knowing these things for fear of the unknown.

From the day that a higher consciousness in fusion can instruct him of the laws of death, the man will begin to live in close relation with his double. A growing number of beings will be able to use the etheric vision at will to see and meet their double, to penetrate mentally into this new plane of life, from which the new science will be given to humanity.


The ether is double, in the mind, what death, or the astral, is to the soul, to memory. The ancients believed that the secret of life lay in the plane of death, the astral, while this illusion was created from scratch by the astral, to train the man to return to death through the embrace of his spiritualized thought. This conspiracy against man forced him not to challenge the doctrines of life after death, from which came the greatest spiritual thoughts of humanity. This cosmic lie was at the very source of man's powerlessness, and gradually led him to the total atrophy of his will over these occult forces of life, which cross his consciousness through subjective thought. totally dominated by emotionalism.


The new man will reverse this psychological condition of the ego with regard to the inner knowledge of things; it will open wide the door of the ether that only a few initiates have crossed in the past without revealing the science, because the man was not ready to hear what is not understandable.

The new consciousness will reveal to man that his etheric lining constitutes his perfect universal counterpart; without it, man would not exist, because his animal nature would be too powerful. It derives from astral forces, low vibrations, which were rejected from the plan of evolution of man at the beginning of his descent into matter, while he still had access to communication with the worlds of light and ether.


Because of this distant cut, the man had to live in parallel with the activities of his double, but without ever being able to communicate with him in an intelligent way. His long involution testifies to a very primitive intelligence, always connected to the forces of his animal nature, more and more refined according to the manners that he married over the centuries without ever losing his bloody sanguinity. Involution was a period in which man has evolved under the influence of memory, and under the pressure of his extracorporeal consciousness, that of the double. It was not until the end of the twentieth century that the circuits between the double and the man were perfectly re-opened to the intelligence of the ego, and that a new science could be transmitted to it without astral conditioning.

The new man will be the first to recognize the essence of the creative intelligence in him and to lose knowledge of the power of memory over his personalized consciousness. This realization will transform his life, and give him access to a dimension of knowledge that the ancients believed could exist in its entirety only on the plane of death. Once the double liberates the burden of subjective memory, the knowledge of the new man will have no bounds; she will be nourished by her fundamental relationship with her first principle, free from death. This will give birth to a mental race whose superconsciousness will turn the consciousness involutive, regardless of the level of perfection that it believed to reach.


The spirit of the involutionary man was kept prisoner of the involution whereas the inferior man lived millennia to wonder about the origins of the life and the universe. During these long periods of ignorance and hope, the double could only watch the evolution of his vehicle, from plans too high for human consciousness. The spirit of man was kept away from his consciousness by powerful forces, which used human memory to delay the science of life on earth. Involution treated man as an intelligent animal, while evolution will restore his real intelligence.

The new man will discover that his double is the light being closest to him, in the universe of life, and that no one can replace him, because his essence is the light of man. The esoteric advanced sciences will have to realize that the evolution of the man is closely linked to the fusion of the double with the mortal one, and that the communications between the man and the plane of the death can only retard his evolution, since this plan is part of the involution. The spirituality of the unconscious, even sensitive man, has always served involution, and the latter will realize it despite the sustained opposition he will encounter when he breaks this great veil covering his vision of life. Man's future evolution will require a great inner strength to free himself from millennia of conditioning that weigh on his subjective consciousness. Spiritual forces have dominated involution since man was separated from his contact with the double at the beginning of the Adamic cycle.

Communication with the double is the key to any future evolution of man on earth. This law will become indisputable as more knowledge is unveiled, which will allow the understanding of involutive mechanisms and their power over human consciousness blinded by cosmic lies.


The new man will tear the veils of the planetary consciousness. He will discover that his relationship with the universe is not from the spiritual plane but from the etheric plane of his higher mental consciousness. He will understand how his mind was the slave of the inner forces that he could not overcome because of his profound ignorance of the laws of thought. The human mind is not what man believes. The subjective thought of the ego is not free in its movement as the being is persisting in believing it. The tearing of the veil of human consciousness will affect man in his foundation and propel him beyond the spiritual or rational imagination of involution. The spirit was slave of forces that he could never use to his advantage because they were more powerful than his will and more subtle in their handling than his sleeping intelligence. During the involution, these forces dominated his life in spite of himself and took complete control of his destiny, beyond what he could have imagined.


The human soul is not pure in spirit. It is weighed down by memory in its matter and its energy. Far from being a perfect aspect of consciousness, it represents only one facet of the nature of the real man. As the mind is a slave to the forces of the soul, it can not manifest all of its light. The veils of the soul are too great and the being can not perfectly live his creative intelligence. He lives in relation to the thrusts of the soul, who manipulate it at will and maintain ignorance of the laws of the mind. The slavery of the spirit in man is so advanced that his consciousness is powerless to realize that matter is the gateway to the etheric planes. His consciousness of matter is inversely real to what it should be, for the mind has been proscribed from human consciousness during involution. This rupture has turned man towards matter. Once materialized, the soul has become a prisoner of its senses, and the spirit helpless, unable to reopen the doors of the ether. From the moment when man lost his ability to vibrate fully to his mind, he was reduced to the presence of the forces of the soul and lost his cosmic consciousness.

Man will take control of his destiny but he will have to rise psychologically and psychologically beyond the mental plane that he has endured so long. He will regain consciousness of his consciousness, which will lead him inexorably to the ether of matter. There he will discover the origins of life and his science will transform the face of the earth.


In the deep reality, the human being is a hydrogenated being: it is constructed of substances of such affinity with light that the very waves of these substances have the power to keep it alive beyond the material plane. The discovery of these substances will be made only to the extent that it can alter the lower substances of his consciousness as sensualized by the energy of the soul. These animistic substances, ultimately composed of subjective mental and emotional forces, will have to be transmuted; he will free himself from his field of universal strength the principles of life which constitute the very foundation of his cosmic being.

The spirit of man comes from forces whose very nature engenders life at all levels of the cosmic organization of the spheres. Evolution will relate to the cosmic and spiritual aspects of these forces. The human mind will be perfectly liberated from the subjective and colorful influences of its astralized consciousness.


The mind is cosmic whereas the soul represents only the planetary aspects of the evolution of consciousness. The new man will integrate these data and his knowledge will alter his way of dealing with the energy of these plans. The mental energy of human consciousness is the most refined and the most powerful it is. It has the power to act and to obey the kingdoms which are inferior to it. But as long as the spirit will not be liberated, and able to act beyond planetary influences, man will remain a submissive and subjective man, without any power over his personal evolution. As much as his life forces are great and powerful, so much can they be reduced to creative nullity when he lives in relation to aspects not fixed in his light, his individualized energy. The light of man is the manifest intelligence of his mind beyond the lower conditions of his planetary consciousness. His inner strength must grow steadily until he feels the presence of his intelligence and objective certainty. Only then will suffering become impossible, because the higher mental forces of consciousness will neutralize the lower forces that engender it. In order for suffering to cease on the material plane, man will have to unite what he is with what he knows. Such unity of consciousness, on the other hand, will be possible only to the extent that what it knows will come from him as being and not from another source. He will be safe in the mind of his consciousness when he has realized the unity of what he knows with the psychic and inner forces of his perfected consciousness, perfectly unified in light and liberated from the karmic forces of the soul. Man can not live by subjective memory and live the perfect link between the spirit and the planetary life.


The new man will bring a lot to the new civilization by tearing the sails of involution. This regenerating activity of his creative consciousness will be due to the unity of his mind and his mental consciousness. He will no longer live his consciousness in relation to the multiple influences that diminish it, and this new disposition will make him a being mentally different from the involutionary races. On the other hand, this new freedom will have its price, which will be commensurate with its ability to free itself from the influences of its race.


The mind of man is constantly shadowed by the powerful reflection of his mind, created by the subjective thoughts of his experimental consciousness. The more it evolves beyond the form of involutive thought, the more it will discover how and why it has lost control of its inner forces, which will coincide with the needs of the next civilization. These will be felt when man has discovered that the mental level of the earth is lower than that of the planet Jupiter. Science has not yet benefited from a relationship with other intelligent spheres. It evolves inside a psychic envelope which maintains it at the level of the consciousness of the current man. The integral being will tear this envelope apart and the present science of the earth will be relegated to the secondary plane. The human imagination can not alter the course of cosmic events behind the facade of present-day civilization and its consciousness. The universe is multidimensional and the psychic forces of man are part of this multidimensionality. When the pressing needs of humanity have been met, contact with parallel plans will grow and nations will experience a new evolutionary curve. The relations between peoples will be modified and the forms of political organizations deeply transformed for the benefit of man and the involutionary races.


The evolution will coincide with the elevation of the vibratory rate of the mind. The spirit will be disengaged from the global psychic mass which created, during the involution, a total blockage of the universal circuits, making man an easy prey for the currents instituted by mental attitudes based on the psychological mechanisms of defense. Over the millennia, these mechanisms became more and more sophisticated, and the modern man even has the power to set his planet on fire. His mind is slave of astral forces of such subtlety that the ego is totally unconscious. The equilibrium of the ego is sensitive to events in the world, which are likely to increase if man does not become aware of higher forces in the systemic order. The future man will free himself from astral power on his conscience and will subjugate what was the cause of his decay during the involution. The evolution of the earth is linked to cosmic evolution, because the earth is not an isolated globe in the universe. Man will realize this internally before creating a sufficient energy margin to escape the end of the cycle.

Slavery of the spirit belongs to the involution of the earth and its abolition is part of the personal evolution of the new man. The spirit of man must descend into matter. He will then free himself from a limitative science to delve deeper into the study of matter than what modern science had thought possible. The spirit must penetrate matter and control it. This is part of the laws of integral life. These are universal and man will know them. His current view of matter is insufficient to give him access to the paranormal dimensions to which life belongs. Man has believed in life as a psychobiological experience, whereas it extends far beyond this system of reference, beyond the psychomaterial barriers of the unconscious being.


The mind is a slave to the psychic forces that spring from the emotional strength of memory. This condition is responsible for the development of thought-forms commensurate with planetary consciousness and its subjective aspects. Much more than a subjective being, man is a whole being, capable of universal vision. As long as he has not developed the mental body necessary to objectify his reason and to make it grow beyond his conditioned opinions, he will be powerless to bear the weight of a conscience without frontiers. Such consciousness arises from the relationship between the mind and the ego, which must exist in the being ready to come into contact with other dimensions. Man does not realize the animic struggle that he experiences during his life, because it situates him at the level of forms of experience on the material plane. As long as he remains preoccupied with survival, the internal struggles of his conscience fail to come to the surface with sufficient clarity to objectively acknowledge that he is not in control of his destiny. Free will serves as his personal point of reference, while his very reason is marked by inferior mental attitudes, which spring from the play of the forces of the soul in struggle against the power of his mind. The spirit in man can not manifest itself in his intelligent completeness until he has neutralized in his mental life this struggle and its subtleties. The inner struggle of man on earth is part of the slavery of his mind, and as long as he remains a slave to the forces of the soul, being can not make the mind coincide with form or matter, for this is law in itself.


The integral man will eliminate from his life the struggle that results from the manifestation of his psychic and mental forces. Then the polarity of the occult forces of human life will be reversed for the benefit of man and he will come into contact with parallel dimensions of life where he will discover the origin of his own consciousness. Man will cease to be human in the traditional sense of the term to become superhuman, that is, free from what makes the present man a being inferior to himself. The supramental consciousness of the next cycle will extend from a nucleus that will eventually make fruitful contributions of mental energy to the globe. This will extend over a number of centuries, leading up to the end of the sixth cycle and the beginning of a last one, when the occult forces of the earth will manifest themselves by the concentration on the globe of a small but totally conscious population. . By its nature, this population will invite the psychic forces of the earth to bend to its will, and it is from this movement in the evolution of consciousness that integral humanity will appear on the globe, in all its power. on the matter and the veiled principles of the consciousness of the kingdoms.


The slavery of the spirit ends, because the world of death can not indefinitely have control over the evolving man. Invisible governments are constantly trying to counterbalance the polarity of human consciousness by ensuring that man does not go beyond the limits of his own astral decadence. When the time comes when man loses too much energy and his consciousness can no longer balance the astral forces in him, the worlds of light are forced to intervene to prevent the man from destroying what does not it does not belong to him. But the forces of light can only intervene in the evolution of human consciousness when man has passed the threshold of self-destruction. At that time, he needs help and this help is part of the new evolving forces that are coming into his consciousness and with which he has to learn to work. This form of integration of energy then coincides with a process of fusion that represents the highest level of relationship between man and the invisible.


This relationship then continues until man has learned the laws of the higher mental life, which lead him inexorably to the conquest of the forces of matter and its psychomaterial dimensions. The evolution of the supramental consciousness will enable the mind to free itself and to gradually understand the mechanisms that exist between it and life. Once these mechanisms are understood, the man will know perfectly and understand the others perfectly. Man will no longer live in relation to man but in relation to himself. This new consciousness will be creative and objective at the same time, because the universalized man will no longer identify with a fictional personality. His identity will be real, that is, the product of the fusion of light with the ego; the perfectly individualized consciousness will universalize its links with the world and men in the process of higher evolution.




The evolution of supramental psychology will enable man to concretely realize that the psychic structure of his self can be shared between his own intelligence and that of one or more entities of the astral world. This discovery will upset the evolving human consciousness and propel the being to higher levels of consciousness. During the involution, his intelligence was literally blocked, sabotaged by subliminal communications of which he was absolutely unconscious and totally enslaved.

The world of spirits, also called the world of souls, is a world that manipulates the human mind and influences it according to its vibratory sympathy. The phenomenon of human thought is not perfectly understood by man and his science, and death has always worked against this essential knowledge of evolution. The world of death is inhabited by minds blindly obeying forces whose purpose is to keep man in the greatest possible ignorance of the laws of life and conscience, so that they can benefit from his energy. in return. Death has been nourished by man since his descent into matter, and the breaking of the universal bonds between man and his source forced him to submit to his dictations. The evolution of a higher mental consciousness will put an end to this involutionary condition, and give birth to a free and creative consciousness.

The new psychology of man will free him from his bond with death, and he will understand why the ego, the mental center of his consciousness, was never unified in a perfect balance of intelligence and mind. It is through inner mental communication that man will perceive the subtle relationship between himself and the entities; it will make him discover that his subjective and colorful thoughts were not his, that they were blown by these entities in order to color his reality, and thus prevent him from knowing an integral consciousness. This manipulation was at the origin of his existential anxiety and his constant search for a psychological and psychological balance in life. The personal history of man and humanity is the product of this age-old conflict between man and the spheres.


The human being is so naive that the mere discovery of this condition will totally overthrow his personal psychology, forcing him to regain control of his development and evolution; this will mark the end of astral power on one's consciousness, and open the doors of the universal consciousness of the new being. Through this discovery, psychology will be forced to expand the field of his studies and make a radical change in his understanding of the human phenomenon. Having discovered the occult aspects of human psychology, scientists will want to question the philosophical basis of their psychology, because the science of the mind will explode the theoretical framework previously used to deepen understanding of the psychological mechanisms of the ego. The phenomenon of mental possession will be studied more closely, and we will see how much man is possessed at one level or another, according to his degree of evolution. This discovery will create a great stir because psychology will be forced to penetrate the areas of consciousness that previously had been naively and insufficiently explored by groups or individuals on the margins of orthodox thought.

Enlightened by the light of their new intelligence, men in search of their reality will recognize the existence in them of an inner contact that they had always considered related to their egoic reality, whereas this contact was the product of a communication between the material plane and the plane of death, through the human brain that served as an instrument of transmission or unconscious mental radio. This will reverse the involutive movement of human consciousness, and lead man to conquer himself by putting an end to his psychological suffering. By learning to be wary of the subjectivity of his channeled thoughts, he will then begin the development of his discernment, which will give him one day access to total mental lucidity. Man will then be complete, that is, conscious of his real and indivisible intelligence.


But the forces of death will fight against the mental freedom of the new man because, without him, they are annihilated. Man's mental communication with these entities will force them to give him their secrets, and the man will learn things that will put an end to his ignorance of death and life, in all their aspects. These profound studies will enable him to easily understand human history and his irrational conflicts; man will see that the manipulation of his fellows was responsible for the terrible suffering of involution.

The more obvious cases of mental possession will be easily relieved by the advanced scientists of the new age, because the most sensitive of them will treat man according to new principles born of their own confrontation with themselves. These new psychologists will stand apart, until a more generalized breakthrough takes place and a new science is born, without risk for those who will quickly understand that such a revolution, in the field of the science of the mind, can only be recognized with time and the evolution of individual consciousness.

Man will discover that the cause of his psychological suffering was an unconscious association with the astral, which polluted his mind and removed the possibility of seeing life clearly. Modern science still refuses to treat psychology in such a way as to respond to paranormal imperatives, because the psychological thought of the scientist is subject to astral interferences, which prevent him from discovering the secrets of life. The astral loses contact with man when he lives on the higher mental plane of his mind, his pure intelligence.

Never will the psychic forces reveal to man the nature of his mental structure, for this revelation would risk creating in their world a great imbalance, a reversal of such an order that their own evolution would be called into question. It is precisely this new condition of the next era that will overthrow the astral power on earth, and make the new man free from his own destiny: he will live his life on the material plane according to the laws of creative intelligence and no longer according to those of the cosmic lie maintained by the subliminal intervention of active psychic forces through the veil of involutive thought.


Psychology will become an increasingly occult and advanced science. It will deal with the nature of the psyche, according to the deep laws of the worlds to which it belongs, and to which it is attached. From the moment when men of science will rise in consciousness themselves, they will penetrate fearlessly into this territory, which has always been under the control of decorporalised intelligences, whose manipulative power would defy any naive human imagination. or too intellectualized. The new man will discover that the science of the mind is san, and that the psychological constitution of the ego depends on the level of intelligence of the subliminal forces of his mind, which use his emotions to short-circuit his intelligence. real. He will also see that knowledge can only be integrated by man when he has risen above the ramparts of knowledge to go towards the conquest of his reality. The new man will reach his reality when he does not live it subjectively. It is then that he will fight an arduous struggle with all that is astral in him, and who is responsible for the psychological illusion of the ego colored by racial and cultural memories.

The next cycle will awaken those who are ready to realize their reality to put an end to the primitive psychology of man. These new beings will realize that most of the earth's people are psychologically underdeveloped and that, because of their connection with nations, races, cultures, memories, they experience a primary consciousness and see themselves as in addition to a form of psychic energy that has no connection with the reality of the perfectly individualized man.

The new being will have the great happiness of no longer having to live his mental and emotional life according to the cultural laws of his environment. He will discover that the level of consciousness of his race and nation can not match his inner need to be free and to have access to his knowledge. From the day when man has access to his own knowledge, he will destroy the bridge between him and his race, his culture, now living only according to what he knows. It will be the beginning of a new generation of free beings in the spirit, never more influenced by their cultural or racial milieu. This unprecedented experience will create a great heartbreak, for the human-light, alone in understanding what he will know, will also be the only one to be able to understand the occult nature of his new consciousness.


When man has achieved the psychological underdevelopment of his race and culture, he will no longer be able to live his principles of the mind and the emotional according to the precepts of ancient times. As he can only marry his own form of life, the old life will appear to him as a subtle form of psychological slavery, which had kept him in temporary equilibrium as long as a certain balance existed within his life. race or culture. The psychological underdevelopment of the majority of men will seem obvious to him, and he will finally turn to himself, without fear or guilt.

Men are slaves of their psychological underdevelopment. The next epoch will see the birth of so much new knowledge that the peoples, through the most advanced individuals, will in turn evolve, and the old forms of regionalised psychology will gradually fade away. The new man will replace the old man in the nations trapped in historical memory, disfigured by a primary psychology and without real intelligence. The new being will struggle internally against the psychology of his race and culture, and his personal feelings will be strongly shaken in the shock that will follow his awakening and his knowledge. This shaking will gradually strengthen him, and lead him to understand that the psychology of a race or culture, and what it contains of values, is part of an awareness of a collective past and not of an individualized present. This understanding will be absolute, and the new man, according to the events of life and his growing inner strength, will be forced to act to be free from the collective consciousness of the mass. He will thus take the psychological control of his own evolving consciousness towards the universal knowledge of all men.

This will mark the first stage of the new consciousness, which will coincide with the future of a higher science. Man will only take psychological control of his consciousness when he is liberated emotionally from the power of mass psychology; his liberation will be possible only to the extent that he understands that popular psychology is not part of the reality of man, but of the involutionary level of human consciousness, at the present stage of its evolution.


The psychological consciousness of the new man will be firmly rooted in the entirety of his universalized self, and free from the veil created by the memories of involution. A new inner life will follow this integration, and man will progress at an accelerated pace towards a complete understanding of himself. This new quality of the evolutionary consciousness will repair all that was torn in man during the involution, and restore him the full consciousness of himself, essential to the pursuit of a perfectly balanced and creative life.

The psychology of man, his way of interpreting reality, is based both on his reaction to matter and on the contribution of psychic forces to his brain. These forces are, in general, sufficiently balanced so that the ego has a clear impression of one form or another of individuality. But it is subject to questioning when it risks losing its balance or feels the carpet of his conscience slip under his feet. As the psychic forces of being become more and more uncontrollable, he begins to realize that something in him takes over or that life becomes less and less controllable.

As the astral plane is very active through human consciousness, the psychology of the individual, during his historical involution, has never ceased to be the product of a subtle influence seeking to keep it as far as possible from its source, its real intelligence, in order to maintain ignorance of the occult laws of spirit and soul, life and death on its conscience.

The psychological knowledge of man is clearly insufficient in the field of psychic disturbances created by entities; these have the power to use the vital forces of man, even affecting the material of the individual or that of his environment. The free exchange between the academic sciences and the more hidden sciences does not exist yet enough to allow the orthodox science to benefit from the experience of the solitary researchers who, by tearing the psychic veil of the being, allowed that spread a certain light on the mysteries of the psyche. Orthodoxy has forced these centers of marginal science to bend on themselves so as not to harm the standardized evolution of a more framed psychology; but the evolution of the marginal sciences continues and grows by leaps and bounds as the need for a more universalized study of man increases day by day. A growing number of people are in conflict with forces that they alone perceive, without understanding while these same forces continue to be cataloged by official science, without the psychic disorders being directly related to the activity of entities. trapped between matter and the astral plane that they did not reach as a result of an unaccepted death. These suffering entities need the help of qualified psychics to realize their illusions and leave free these individuals whose vital forces they use.


The mind of man is great and can both understand the material and the invisible plans. The evolution of a science that will profit from his research in the very unknown field of the psychic affliction of the possession requires that the orthodox science and the serious occult sciences meet halfway for the protection of the being against the Astral pollution, which is likely to make more victims while the man goes through the most difficult period of its history. Psychiatry can not be reduced indefinitely to pharmacology in its treatment of insanity. New resources from the non-Cartesian mind will eventually help to study the problems of mental illness, in conjunction with classical psychiatric help. The power of the human brain to discover the secrets of psychic failure must not be delayed by a science that wants to be full of goodwill but that the psychological limits of the ego threaten to lead to a cul-de-sac where the psychiatrists themselves will become victims of their mental mechanics.

The mind is not the subject, and other resources, parallel to pharmacology, can help solve problems that emerge from a psychic dimension that must absolutely be explored beyond academic standards. This will naturally require a great openness on the part of those who dare to venture into areas of the psyche that have always been confined to the particular experience of sensitives, psychics, and mediums who have often acquired their faculties after great moral trials.

It is not normal for the great men of the earth to secretly consult sensitives during their turbulent life, while science confines itself to its principles simply because it can not treat the invisible according to its methods. The mind is much more fond of and near the inaccessible than the pompous attitudes of the technicians of matter suggest. It is admirable and aberrant at the same time to meet these technicians outside of their usual circuits, straddling two tribunes: the official science and the occult science. Their double game is understandable if one considers their need not to cut ties with their co-workers, but an effort will have to be made to open their ranks to other individuals who are also trying to solve the important problem of psychic technique. If the two sciences fail to unite in a creative effort, the occult sciences will take more and more space; then we will see beings go to these sciences without the support of a majority of technicians recognized by society, and it will create abuse of power or spell from psychic techniques.


The psychology of being blends with plans of subliminal reality at levels that challenge and challenge the technique. That this last can flesh out the evil, this is an acquired one; but that it leaves the individual prisoner of a pharmacology which wants the last and the only of the remedies, it is to fail in front of the great problem of the man compared to his possession by entities. More and more we will observe beings, clinically or privately, subject to communication with entities, and they will be treated only symptomatically.

These individuals need more than a theory of their evil; they need people trained in the art of communicating with these plans, in order to remove the entities that, between life and death, drag in the etheric corridors of memory without being able to escape, to because of their inability to know that they are truly dead and far beyond the living matter of their material bodies.

The psychology of being goes beyond the mere psychological manifestation of the subjective self. Man is a multidimensional being whose psychic centers can be used by forces whose science has no idea. The danger is serious. The spirit of the new man can not remain indifferent to the nature of the forces that work through the ego; it has been affected too often by shocks that have opened up the psychic centers, thus creating entry corridors to entities trapped in a world that is neither part of life nor of death, but simply of Memory.


More and more psychiatrists and psychologists feel helpless about the growing problem of mental illness. Already, they are striking on the wall of their creativity, become powerless to really understand the human psyche. On the other hand, they dare not turn to those who have the answers to this area of life, based on highly developed faculties, which in some cases go as far as communicating with life plans that extend beyond beyond the known. As the occult science of the mind is too vast to be encompassed in a Cartesian system, but as it is also very close to the man or being who practices it, those who dare to go beyond the limits of the known can only enrich their own experience, if they fail to conclude a marriage between the rational Cartesian and the suprarational. At least, they will have access to the answers concerning the invisible organization of the plans that underlie the psychology of being and may, in their own way, meet the needs of those who come to them, frozen by the powerlessness to get rid of of these entities that pollute their lives and risk putting them in the hands of a science that is insufficient but full of goodwill. Man needs much more than good will. Above all, he needs inner courage and a very great lack of pride in the evaluation of reality that the science of matter presupposes.

We have only to look at the damage of science in the world pollution, to name but one aspect, to recognize that scientists today are unaware of the consequences of their discoveries ; they live in the success of short-term discovery, while the life of a globe or man is an infinitesimal process, which only a supra-developed consciousness can consider from information transmitted by a creative intelligence, no based on the blindness of the ego but on the clarity of the mind.


The psychology of being can not be dissociated from the mental structures of the mind. These structures are still far from being known and understood officially by science. The mind of man evolves in relation to ideas and not in relation to his subject. The matter of the brain is stabilized in its evolution, while the ideas evolve constantly. Thus, the psychology of being will evolve according to ideas and no idea, even occult, can be excluded from the evolution of human consciousness, until the integral psyche and the reflective mind unite to give to man a global perception of the reality of his genesis. The fact that the ego opposes this process for intellectual or formative reasons of occult ideas is part of the time necessary for the evolution of the human mind. When the time comes, science will be compelled to rally to a more penetrating and creative science, for man can not be indefinitely trapped in a consciousness frozen in the memory of involution. The evolution of the human consciousness towards the summits of the psychic science of being is necessarily slow, because the man is not sufficiently powerful, psychically, to support ideas which disturb his mind conditioned by the matter and the limits historical records of human knowledge. Future generations will be brought to new overtaking of the mental consciousness, which will ask fundamental questions about the origin of the consciousness, because it will not be under the control of the ego, this window on the material space-time. Matter can not interfere with the evolution of consciousness and its science, for even matter is governed by forces that underlie its apparent material organization.


The world of death is a parallel world, whose reality is not fixed in matter but in the memory of man: experience. The form exists beyond its material density. Man finds it difficult to admit this, for thought only accepts the sensible manifestation of its form. As soon as it evaluates the suprasensitive domains of experience, it must dissociate itself from the lower psychological material in order to adapt to a vibration or a material of another order. The psychology of being traverses the material dimension of man and exposes it to parallel worlds whose reality instantly disposes of opinions born of the limitation of the senses in the face of the intelligence of reality and its genesis. Involution forced man to think according to what his senses allowed him to perceive and to integrate a reality to the extent of his unconsciousness, whereas the evolution will push the human consciousness beyond the borders of the known. The unknown today will be part of the reality of tomorrow and today's known will fade away in the memory of inadequacy. The world event that will mark the break between the new and the old mentality will be the advent of psychic forces in the next human consciousness, sufficiently awake to push back the wall of the inexplicable. From this manifestation, the foundation of the human knowledge will be shaken: the matter, once brought back under the control of the higher mind of the new man, will vibrate in the human conscience ropes which, in the past, had already experienced a resonance in the occult of life without knowing the true parameters. For the old mind of the involutionary man was not sufficiently developed psychically and mentally to face intelligently the reality that exceeds the conventions of human thought or memory.

The physics of matter will be the first to admit that the atom does not correspond to the classical definition of the model used by the researcher to study the principles of matter. It will recognize the fact that energy, at a certain level of manifestation, corresponds more and more to an interpenetration of different simultaneous forces, which give the atom its classic characteristic.


Science will discover that the phenomenon of force generated behind or beyond the atomic model is directly proportional to the quality of the force that the mind wants to give it, according to its level of psychic evolution. This means that the phenomenon of energy is identifiable and proportional to the psychological convention of the evolving mind and that, as this mind evolves, the characteristics of energy change to give force, or forces active on the material plane, psychomaterial micro-values varying to infinity. From these new modalities of scientific consciousness, man will discover that the world of death and the psychology of being are connected by a bridge of energy whose nature is directly fixed in the human consciousness through his astral body. Before man can become aware of this, the higher mental body must be perfected; Man must free himself psychically from the known, because this one is part of the forces which impose on his psychology, thus on his mental, lagging historical limitations.

The missing link in the evolution of consciousness will be discovered, and the ego will be able to recognize for itself the existence of psychic forces that make the psychology of being a catch-all memory, useful only in the the extent to which man believes in what he knows. Any lower ego mental belief is subject to fracturing when the global consciousness is ready to settle in man. Psychic forces are part of the forces of the universe which, in an involutive manifestation, give the appearance of a reality based on inferior intellectual premises. As long as man does not go beyond the imagination of death to understand his presence within his own ego psychology, he can not free himself from lower psychic forces.


As long as man does not have an objective understanding of death, he can not dissociate himself from the egoic memory, which transforms his mind into a psychic sphere dominated by concepts that serve to keep him prisoner of his senses and consequences. of this alienation on the sleeping mind. As long as man has not exceeded the limits of the known psychological, he will not have access to the infinity of psychic knowledge and his science of being and life will be delayed. The evolution of human consciousness has nothing to do with the psychological progressions of science; it rests on the egoic reversal in its conception of the nature of the real.


The real is part of what is beyond death, beyond memory. The memory of man keeps him prisoner of himself and forces his science to fossilize, even if it projects material progress. This progression bases its dynamics on the function of memory and the astral connection of this memory before death. The involutionary future of man or his experience is known and programmed on the astral plane, while the evolutionary becoming of man is totally unknown, because it is part of the fusion of being with its own light. For man to move from involution to evolution, he has no choice but to transgress the psychological limits of his consciousness, which are part of his link with death, the first parallel plane set by the energy of memory beyond its planetary consciousness.